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The Shorebirds Have Landed

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

The shorebirds have landed! This weekend, we counted over 200 Black Skimmers at Carlos Pointe who made beautiful scrapes and courted in skimmer fashion with aerial dances and bowing gestures. Among the others incubating included the Least Terns, Wilson's Plovers, and Snowy Plovers. We even caught sight of a Whimbrel using the mud flats for foraging! As the nesting season kicks off, it would be great to see more of our volunteers! The public was very curious about the birds they were seeing and approached the tent continuously for more information about the roped off areas. Any time you can spare to come out would be greatly appreciated! Please feel free to contact Andrea Centola to sign up for times to volunteer.

In the meantime, enjoy this week's pictures taken by one of our volunteers, Jim.

Andrea Centola Audubon Florida Lee County Anchor Steward Lee County Shorebird Stewardship Program


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