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Our 2023 field trip list is coming!

see below for confirmed listings ...

Whether you're new to birding or a Big-List birder, our field trips offer you the best birding  and nature locations in Southwest Florida. Better yet, you will get to meet others in our community who love birding and nature, and who are engaged in environmental issues in Lee County and beyond.

Be sure to wear appropriate clothing for the weather, and be ready to take bug spray and sun screen, especially for our trips in early fall and late spring. You may also wish to bring water, a camera, field glasses, or even a folding chair, depending on the outing.

Members and non-members / beginner to advanced birders – all are welcome!  All chapter-sponsored field trips are free; but, donations are always appreciated.  Parking or rental fees sometimes apply.

Below are listed our field trips through the end of 2023.  RSVP's are requested.

Field Trips

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