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Sign Up to Join Us for Shorebird Stewardship This Weekend

Hi everyone, We have many black skimmer chicks at different stages from still waiting to hatch from their eggs, to being able to fly and go to nearby beaches. Attached is a guide to help identify how old a chick is: They will only be here for another few weeks, so don't miss the chance to see the adorable baby birds! We also have many royal and sandwich tern juveniles hanging out with the skimmers.

There are still spots open for all shifts this weekend, so please sign up for a shift that would work best for you! You can find the sign up sheet here: Thank you Jim Rodenfels for the photos and thank you to everyone who has volunteered this season! I hope to see you this weekend and please reach out if you have any questions! -- Stephanie Wagley

Audubon Florida Lee County Anchor Steward 239-297-3043


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