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Shorebird Update, May 18th

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Nesting is quickly escalating on the beach. We even had a Snowy Plover nest hatch, with 3 fledglings who were out of the cup and running around by the afternoon, Sunday. Mom was protecting them under her wing in the shade, so here's hoping they make it! Everyone else is very busy, incubating, courting, and scraping. The Least Terns are becoming very protective of the area and makes for a great conversation starter with the public. Some interesting sightings this weekend included 2 more Whimbrels as well as a Marbled Godwhit and 5 Roseate Spoonbills, all using the critical wildlife area lagoon for foraging. We have also gained two more dedicated volunteers to our team this week!

Please contact Andrea Centola, contact information below, if you wish to participate in this fun, public-centered, and important stewardship program.

Andrea Centola

Audubon Florida Lee County Anchor Steward

Lee County Shorebird Stewardship Program


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