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707 Birds on a Chilly Weekend: Jan 30 Shorebird Stewardship Report

Hello my birdy friends- Some of the highlights of last weekend include:

2 Wilson's plovers, a male and female at Carlos Beach, in the wrack line with 5 snowy plovers 1 Common Loon- hanging out offshore at Carlos Beach 224 sanderlings, mostly at Carlos Beach 108 western sandpipers, mostly at Bunche The lagoon at Carlos Beach was particularly fun- there were killdeer, woodstork, mallards, cormorant, anhinga, pelicans, ibis, and all manner of herons and egrets. (photo attached) This weekend I will be at Bunche Beach at 8am Friday and Saturday morning. Hope to see you out there! -- Robin Serne

Audubon of Southwest Florida Lee Winter Shorebird Stewardship Coordinator 919-649-7158



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