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July 4 Shorebird Update

From Courtney Kern, our inteprid Audubon Anchor Steward:

Hello everyone! I knew you would be anxious to hear about how the holiday played out on the beach! We were fortunate to have a lot of help out there between Audubon and FWC. We also had several nests hatch out chicks throughout the day. There are not only newly hatched least terns, but also snowy and Wilson's plover chicks. There was not much of an issue with bird disturbance during the day, which was a good thing. Around sunset, representatives of Audubon and FWC anxiously waited to hear the first firework go off. The show at the Fort Myers Pier began around 8:45 p.m. and did not seem to bother the birds at all. However, all at once, we began to hear fireworks on Carlos Pointe Beach. Several groups of people were lighting them off near the colony, and we quickly spoke to them to make sure they stopped. All in all, even though we had an issue with fireworks yesterday, we did not have any other types of disturbance, and the people we spoke to were all compliant. Our chickies are tough and made it through the night despite the noise!

Our Independence Day of Shorebird Stewards!


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