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Bird Disease Alert & Backyard Hygene


This spring and summer of 2021, mysterious bird diseases are rippling across parts of the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States, with evident outbreaks reaching into Florida. The National Audubon Society is reporting this epidemic, and we urge our membership to take note and to remove their bird feeders and bird baths, if possible, to prevent further spread of the pathogens that may be causing this outbreak.

Scientists are recommending that feeders be taken down until the source of the disease is identified. It's summer, and nature offers plentiful food. 

When the alert is lifted, you should feel free to set up your feeder again (and do follow our recommendations to minimize window collisions). Remember, you should routinely clean your bird feeders and bird baths, ideally with a 10% bleach solution and well dried before replacing the seed and water.

If you find dead birds, especially waterfowl, shorebirds or crows, please do not touch or handle them. Notify the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission by filling out this form on their website.

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