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Bunche Beach, February 21 Shorebird Report

Bunche Beach only has a handful of people in the mornings, making it a great spot for those wishing to survey but worried about COVID to join in the Lee County Shorebird Stewardship program. If you wish to participate in this fun, civic-minded activity, please contact Lina Ramirez at the information provided below.

On February 21, we counted the following shorebirds.

SEPL- Semipalmated Plover: 3

LESA- Least Sandpiper: 75

WESA- Western Sandpiper: 25

BBPL- Black Bellied Plover: 6

DUBL- Dunlin:30

SAND- Sanderling: 180

RUTU:- Ruddy Turnstone 6

ROYT- Royal Tern: 11

BLSK- Black Skimmer: 15

SBDO- Short-billed Dowitcher: 120

PIPL- Piping plover: 17

Banded Piping Plovers

O Flag, YK; X,P

O Flag, bY; X, G - either light blue or white band.

W Flag [91]

Lina Ramirez

Audubon of Southwest Florida Lee Winter Shorebird Stewardship Coordinator


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